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Surrounding tourism

Birdlife walk

Castle Town around the Castle Town

  • ① Iwakuni Art Museum+Kashiwabara Collection

    It is famous as an exhibition hall of old arms, which is rare in the whole country.Approximately 200 items are displayed at all times.Beginning with exhibition change four times a year, various special exhibitions and exhibition exhibitions are also held.
  • The Birthplace of Chiyo Uno

    In the building of the Meiji era, in 1970 (Showa 45th), it was restored almost as before as it was by Chiyoshi.
  • Shironeji

    Nagarenji temple where there is a tomb of Chiyo Uno who passed away at the age of 98.Watermelon cherry blossoms and Momiji watching over by Chiyo watch over.
  • Daigakuin

    There was a new house of rice and Kanoya near here.
  • Wolves' bridge

    It is a bridge where rice and Kannaga restarted.
  • Long romyo

    It is the place where my novel, my son Satoru 's life killed.
  • Gun street

    A gun gang group lived near here.There was a house of my aunt, rice.
  • Iwakuni School Education Material Museum

    Textbooks and folk materials from the Terakoya period to the present age are displayed.
  • Yoshida

    Restaurant Good.It has appeared as a flower shop for rice.
  • ⑪ Kintai Bridge

    It is a wooden bridge representative of Japan characterized by five unique camber bridges of unique appearance.
  • Shenzhen

    Novelist Yoshikazu Yoshikawa stayed in "Ryotei Sogawa", too.
  • Kikko Park

    It was chosen as one hundred elections in the history park in Japan.A rainbow can be seen when water is discharged from the central large fountain.
  • Momijidani Park

    It is a colorful park of autumn leaves spreading along the Mt.It is said that the history is the Edo period.
  • Iwakuni Castle

    It is a castle located in Yokoyama overlooking the city of Iwakuni with a natural moat with Nishikigawa.It was made in 1608 by Yoshikawa Hiroke of the first lord.Open from January 10 to March 3 only on Saturdays, Sundays and congratulations. Ropeway is closed all day for inspection
  • Shizen Shosoin

    It was built as a temporary residence of the former Iwakuni lord lord Yoshikawa family.It features a large building, a large garden and long-lasting walls.
  • Where the train

    In the building of the Meiji era, in 1970 (Showa 45th), it was restored almost as before as it was by Chiyoshi.
  • Mikawa Mu Valley

    Theme park using mining traces.Fifteen zones including a temple that imagined the ancient legendary land, the Mu mainland and a mysterious lake are connected by a maze.
  • Statue of Sasaki Kojiro

    It is supposed to be from Iwakuni Yoshikawa Eiji's novel "Miyamoto Musashi".It is located right next to Kintai Bridge.

Summer Seasonal Tradition

  • Ukai of Kintai Bridge

    On the background of "Kintai Bridge", the cormorant cormorant done in the Nishikigawa in front of our hotel.
    Beautifully lighted up Kinbaku Bridge, lighted by the beacon of the battlefield, the unknown manipulates the cormorant with clever reins.
    It is a summer festival of Iwakuni boasts a fantastic and mysterious sight.



  • spring
    March, Kintai Bridge Road Race
    April, Cherry-blossom season
    April, Fuya Shiba Zakura Festival
    April, Kintai-kyo Bridge Festival

    From June to September, Ukai of Kintai Bridge
    June, Fuya Hotaru Festival
    July, Iwakuni Minato Minato Festival Firework Display
    July, Yu Saturday night market
    July, Kuga Summer Festival
    July, Night ~ Play Festa
    August, Nishikigawa Water Festival
    August, Welcome fireworks festival

    September, Iwakuni Castle Ropeway Ocean Driving
    October, Iwakuni festival(Entertainment competition)
    October, Numata Contact Festival
    November, Miwa Sanchero Festival
    November, Kurama castle festival
    November, Cantonese Meat Fair

    January, First release of Iwakuni clan gun unit
    January, First sunrise early morning driving
    January, Firefighting initiation ceremony

To extend the legs, to World heritage, Ogi · Miyajima ~

  • Bush clover···The Industrial Revolution Heritage of Meiji Japan
    Good access from the hotel! 2 hours 30 minutes by car

    Miyajima···An island where people and gods live together
    Good access from the hotel! 30 minutes by car, JR Sanyo main line 25 minutes!
  • Hagi castle ruinshi park

    Hagi Castle was built in 1604 in Keioi Teruyumoto at the foot of Shizukiyama.In the night the stone walls of the castle tower are lighted up and you can see the beautiful appearance on the water mirror.
  • Former Yukawa House

    The main shop has entrances, a seat and a tea room, especially the design around the tea room is excellent.In private houses along the River Iba River, you can see how to use water in consideration of environmental problems.
  • Hirofumi Ito old house

    A small house of about 29 tsubo, built with a wooden theraged shelter.In the middle of Hagi clan middle Itou Naoemon was a residence, but since his father / Hayashi Hozumi's father / Hozo Hayashi was adopted by the Ito family in Ansei Yuan (1854), he lived in a family.
  • Hagi Museum

    The Hagi Museum can learn everything from Hagi's nature and history, folklore and culture.It also features the appearance which reproduced the characteristics of the former samurai residence.
  • Susa Hornfels

    Hornfels is the original rock recrystallized by the igneous rock heat.It was selected as a geological hundred selection of Japan.
  • Kikuya Yokomachi

    There was a house of the clan's owner, Kikuya's house, a beautiful street with white wall and sea cucumber wall.There is also a birthplace of Takasugi Shinsaku and 26 Prime Minister Yoshikazu Tanaka, and it has been selected as "Japan's 100 Ways of Roads."
  • Takasugi Shinsaku birthplace

    Born and raised by Shosaku Takasugi at the end of the Tokugawa period.Although the building has been shrinking since the Edo period, the remnants of the time remained well, and ones residing in Shinsaku are exhibited on the mansion.
  • Matsuno Memorial

    It is a memorial hall of the volunteers who used to play Yoshida Matsuno, Kusaka Genereu, Takasugi Shinsaku etc at the end of the Tokugawa period.Dolls that reproduce the state of Matsushita village school, letters (replica) by Yoshida Matsuno and Takasugi Shinsaku etc are displayed.
  • Major plate mountain tatara steel remains

    It is the largest tatara steel remains ruins in the prefecture.He was manufacturing the Genkamaru built by Choshu clan in Ansei 4 years.The remains of the main facilities of steelmaking are well preserved and are valuable ruins exploring the history of iron milling.
  • Noh stage of Itsukushima shrine

    Noh stage floating in the sea in Japan as well.It is also one of the five national stages in Japan currently designated as an important cultural asset.Spring peach flower festival noodle other, tea ceremony is donated here before the god at the tea ceremony festival.
  • Itsukushima shrine

    It is one of the leading Japanese companies in the Heian era with its sea as the premier location, making the most of the sleeping creations of the Heian period.The contrast of the green of Misan at the back and the blue of the Seto 's sea is a beauty reminiscent of Ryugu castle.
  • The cathedral

    It was also known that Toyotomi Hideyoshi who played the unification of the universe held a grand song, was reconstructed prayer immobility and dedicated the Famous Spirit of Zodiwa Fudo, dedicated as a special occasion of Itsukushima Shrine Miyajima It is total book.
  • Walking around Mt.Yayama

    Altitude 535 m.There is nothing to block visibility and you can enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea which extends 360 °.On sunny days you can hope for far away Shikoku mountains.
  • Ogurugura Shrine

    It is a shrine on the rock of the sea, which is characterized by being able to visit only by boat.It is located in the Itsukushima battle known for the three major surprises, just beside the point where the Mori Army landed.
  • Miyajima Aquarium Miya Marine

    Aquarium located in the immediate vicinity of Itsukushima Shrine.It is an aquarium where you can enjoy events such as sea lions as well as fish in the Seto Inland Sea.
  • Toyokuni Shrine(Thousand mataka)

    The Toyooka Shrine of Important Cultural Property is a Gyodo-dori who ordered the construction of a political monk · Ankokuji Eri Zao to recite a thousand years of the month once a month as Toyotomi Hideyoshi died in the war.
  • Bugaku

    Currently, you can appreciate dances at Itsukushima Shinto shrine several times a year.Among them, "spring peach blossom festival" and autumn "chrysanthemum flower festival" are spectacular.
  • Heikimori Drama Hall

    I introduce the Kiyomori drawn by the river drama "Kiyomori Ryori".While experiencing with images, costumes, dioramas, you can feel the era of Kiyomori.

Golf course information

  • Around the Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel,
    There is an attractive golf course.
    Please enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea and the nature of Iwakuni.
    Please enjoy a number of course to go around.
  • Wagi Golf Club

    course that has been designed on a hill overlooking the Iwakuni city - Setouchi Sea.It is a highly strategic course design with fairways with subtle undulations, 1 green with wide vent, skillful ponds and bunkers.
  • Iwakuni Country Golf Club

    The view of the Seto Inland Sea is wonderful, a course that incorporates nature into the flow.Overall the middle hole is long, how to capture is the point of scoremaking.
  • Iwakuni Century Golf Club

    Hill course.Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea from most halls, it is an attractive course full of openness.The high-speed green of the sandbent which boasts of its pride can not be tolerated even by a short undulation.
  • Miwa Golf Club

    At the same time incorporate varied layouts and gimmicks everywhere, and you can enjoy as many attacks and defense as you can play freely.Beginners wanting to enjoy casually, authentic factions adhering to halls, both offer preparatory course to stimulate golf and mind
  • Shunan Country Golf Club

    We will develop 18 hall with abundant natural environment in a gentle hilly area of ​​1 million square meters.A beautiful rich coloring spreading every seasons and each hall with a relaxed distance shows the landscape and facial expression isolated for a while from the secular world.